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My Little Bag of Tricks . . .

Friday, October 3, 2008

For treating my man on his special day . . .


As antiquated as it may seem to think so, men, in general, are much more simple than women when it comes to their birthdays. So to help my special guy celebrate his {on our dwindling budget} we're going to sneak away after Saturday's show and spend a quiet night alone. Here are a few items I've got stashed in my overnight bag . . .

1. Elle McPherson Intimates make great alternatives to your {okay, my} usual mismatched variety that I wear on a daily. Not only will the make for an interesting entrance into your boudoir, they're also great to have whenever you feel like wearing something special.

2. I've spoken about my uses for tea tree oil before but I didn't mention how soothing it is when used for massages. The smell is intoxicating and in my opinion can be considered an aphrodisiac. The bonus . . . it's good for the skin as well.

3. Sexy heels, enough said!

4.What can I say . . . the man loves his chocolates just like his woman . . . dark and sweet ;)

5. Lastly, a little mood music to set the vibe. My favorite picks, Rapheal Saadiq's latest release, The Way I See It, and Raheem Davaughn's, Love Behind the Melody. {Have you heard You Make It Better?? It's a whole 7 minutes of Raheem's best crooning!}.

Hopefully my little recipe for a {completely childless} intimate night will start the year off right for my most deserving husband-to-be {nope, still no date set}. Happy Birthday, Love!

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