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Trace Magazine Represents!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

After weeks {months, years, decades . . .} of hearing about the unfair and lack of representation of heavily melinated sistas in media, a girl can definitely appreciate the shout out!! Check out the free online peak of this issue in its entirety here . . .



  1. Anonymous Nina said:

    Hey Lady!!!

    Great to hear from you.
    Glad to know that all is well and happy to see business is good :)

    Sending positive vibes your way.

    Stay Lovely!

  1. Anonymous dash said:

    I agree- nice magazine. As I was looking through it, I was thinking about how the internet has opened up opportunities for women and people of color. We're no longer reliant on the old hierarchical system of big media and big business, where decisions about who was represented were made primarily by white men. Token numbers of black women (one per decade?) made it big in modeling in the past. Since independent designers, bloggers, magazine editors, stylists, etc. have taken over, it's all changing fast. I see it not only in the color of the models, but in the whole aesthetic. Gone is the idea that "white clothes" are marketed to white people and "black clothes" to people of color. Come to find out that we all like different styles- preppy, indie, ethnic, hip-hop, etc., and they're all starting to mix together.

  1. Anonymous Aquarian Thoughts said:

    Hi Dash,

    I completely agree. Since I started Aquarian Thoughts and began meeting people through the internet I've been learning a lot about women of other cultures and how MUCH we really have in common. It is our cultural differences that make us so unique and special. However, I am the idealistic, world peace desiring Aquarius, so I would think that way, huh! ;)

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