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Sarah Perlis

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm in love with the natural yet refined pieces by Sarah Perlis. I could see myself wearing these all summer long.

Top: Gold Earrings $660
Middle: Gold Bracelet $1210
Bottom: Gold & Silver Leaf Necklace $1320
Sigh. . . . . . makes me want to start my metal-smith classes, like, TODAY. . . . . .


Mark Christofi

Speaking of colors. . . The work on our place is finally nearing completion. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But the time has come for paint colors to be chosen. Last weekend, while thumbing through the May issue of House&Graden, I came across the interior of Boston designer Mark Christofi and I immediately knew what I wanted on my living room walls. The moroccanesque (is that a word) motifs on the wall create such a great statement and provides us with the opportunity to use a dark color that won’t overpower our small space. For some reason the background wall color appears to be blue in the magazine (which I prefer), but the color is actually an army green.I’ll definitely have to post pictures once this project is done!

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Wasn’t this past weekend beautiful?? The hubby and I, unfortunately, did not make the Amel Larrieux concert, because it was our son’s birthday weekend and we spent much of it at the carnival and park. But we did get a chance to get dressed and act like grown-ups on Sunday night. I ended up wearing all white, and it got me to thinking of how nice white is when worn monochromatically. For instance. . . . . . .

I threw together the above ensemble and it turned out rather chic. My favorite part, of course, are the Jessica Simpson Pinole Shoes bought as a present to myself for my birthday.

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Amel Larrieux!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guess who I’m going to see this weekend (hopefully)? Amel Larrieux!! I have been a fan of her music since Groove Theory (which by the way, is still in the CD changer). Her latest album, Lovely Standards, was released yesterday and although I have not purchased it yet I was lucky to get a sneak listen on rhapsody.com. She’s going to be performing at B.B. Kings this Saturday and even though I’m a vegetarian I’m going to weather the storm to hear my girl BLOW!!

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Creative Inspiration . . .

As you (probably don’t) know, me and the hubby have been tinkering around with the Tarot for some time now, and the cards have always served as spiritual inspiration for me. But my first and favorite deck, the MerryDay Tarot arouses my artistic side. Even if you aren’t a student of the science, there’s no denying the artistic skills illustrated in the details of these cards. Here are my favorites. . . . . .


Alexis Bittar

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feeling oh so inspired by the organic feel of jewelry designer Alexis Bittar's peices. . . . . . .


Anahata Katkin

Each day I become more and more inspired by people and their ability to create art. Some days, I am just blown away. I recently stumbled upon the work of artist Anahata Katkin and couldn’t stop clicking through all the pages of her BEAUTFUL work. Each piece is made alongside her mother “with creative abandon” and inspired by nature and spiritual symbols. These are just a few of my favorites. . . .


Ohhhh, Looky

Here is a sketch of the logo I designed for my slowly developing *project*. She looks a lot like what I looked like when I thought up An Aquarian Thought. What do you think???

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Kehinde Wiley

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I can’t say enough about artist Kehinde Wiley’s work!! His beautifully detailed works of art feature “urban” black males in positions of power and prestige; a concept rarely articulated in art today. His website features the pictures he produced for the VH1 Hip-Hop Honor Awards (my favorite is Big Daddy Kane – LOVE it!). Look at all the detail. Definitely need to see more work like this. . . . . . . .


Saya Hibino

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Love the delicate work of Japanese-born designer Saya Hibino inspired by lace. . . . .



Hi and welcome to my blog. Here I will share my obsession with design, art, and creativity and my own personal journey to creating an independent business. Enjoy!

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