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Random Thoughts . . .

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Sanity Sake . . .

-Can't wait to use the bathroom and sit on a dry toilet seat {males are soooo funky}
-Can't wait to wake up and the only office I head to is my own
-Can't wait to have 24 hours of just me and the man {and talk like real grown-ups}
-Can't wait to fill my gas tank up with something other than, well gas
-Can't wait to meet a girlfriend for brunch, coffee, drinks, shopping, ANYTHING {note to self: Must get out more}
-Can't wait to finish a book from beginning to end in one night {how I miss leisure time}
-Can't wait to get to the point where I'm not looking forward to anything, just appreciating the moment that I'm living in . . .


  1. Anonymous naadii salaam said:

    amen to that sister!

    i feel you to the fullest...lol@ talking like grown ups!

    my mantra is this:
    "being a mogul is hard...but somebody's gotta do it...and it might as well be me!"

    keep doin your thing...and you'll get there!

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